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No Holes! Pet Digging Training Aide 2 Pack 32oz Spray


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STOPS DOGS from DIGGING. Formula makes your dog uncomfortable where they like to dig which keeps your yard, flower beds and fence lines looking nice. Your dog won’t have muddy paws and you won’t have to buy more dirt and mulch to repair your yard!

SAFE and EFFECTIVE: No Holes digging dog training aid uses safe and effective repellent oils that are environmentally friendly and will not harm your dog or plants.

LONG LASTING APPLICATION: No Holes dog digging deterrent has Rain Guard Technology; You don’t have to apply No Holes over and over, every week as it lasts for 4 weeks with one application. This saves you time and money!

EASY TO USE: The repellent oils are not offensive when you apply but the dogs and cats will steer clear of the areas. This means you won’t have to “mask-up” in order to apply No Holes!

READY to USE: You don’t have to mix the No Holes! Ready-to-Use. Just shake before each application and spray with the high-quality trigger sprayer creating a perimeter around the digging trouble spots.

MADE in the USA: By using No Holes Dog Digging prevention training aid, you are contributing to our great country, American manufacturing and stopping the destruction of your yard, flower beds and fence lines.

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Zone Protects No Holes Digging Dog Prevention is an all-natural digging deterrent training aid.  Makes dogs and cats uncomfortable where they like to dig.  Safe and effective as an anti-digging training aid.

SAVE MONEY:  When you buy No Holes digging dog prevention, you don’t have to buy expensive shock collars or invisible fences.  You can invest the money you save and maybe buy a new car one day. Winning!

SAVE TIME: No Holes keeps your dogs from digging which gets them dirty.  When they are not dirty, you don’t have to bathe them as much and they don’t track that mud into your house.  The time you save could be used to start your own business or read a new book.

AVOID EFFORT: When you use No Holes digging dog prevention training aid you don’t have to repair the holes or fill them in with dirt and grass seed.  You can relax on your patio or deck, petting your well-behaved pet. No more digging.

PREVENT PHYSICAL PAIN: If your dog digs under the fence or in your flower bed, you have to physically repair the mess and damage.  No Holes dog digging training aid prevents you from this repair work in which you could hurt your back or shoulder.

BECOME POPULAR: Nobody likes to host a BBQ when your yard and landscaping is full of holes that your dog dug.  With No Holes Dog Digging training aid, your backyard will look pristine and your friends and neighbors will think you are a master backyard keeper.  This will gain you respect and popularity

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in

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