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Don’t Chew Dare! Pet Chewing Prevention 4oz Spray


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Stop the Destructive Chewing Insanity! Zone Protects Don’t Chew Dare all-natural chewing deterrent training aid solves the problem.

Imparts safe but bitter taste to furniture, rugs/carpets, door frames, window blinds, socks/shoes…anything that dogs and cats chew

Contains natural chewing prevention Orange Bitters for a very bitter flavor

Does not damage wood, carpet or fabrics

Pleasant smell, not oily or greasy; Safe and Effective Training Aid to stop pets from chewing

Spray and walk away; no wiping necessary

Convenient 4oz Mist Spray OR

Convenient and Efficient 8oz Mist Spray OR

Great 8oz Mist Spray for your hunting dog

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STOP DOG & CAT CHEWING: Safe and highly effective solution to stopping pets from chewing. Stop dogs from chewing. Stop cats from chewing.

PLEASANT SCENT: Smells great to us but has a VERY bitter taste using orange bitters that pets will leave alone

SAVE MONEY with NO DAMAGE: By deterring destructive chewing, you SAVE MONEY from not having to replace furniture. Doesn’t damage wood, furniture, clothing, shoes, carpet or fabrics.  Anti-chewing, anti-furniture-replacing formula

ALL-NATURAL: Uses natural chew-stopper bitter oils that will not harm pets or home contents

MADE IN THE USA: Don’t Chew Dare Pet Chewing deterrent is proudly made in the United States of America

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 4 in

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