Walnut Serving Board


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Our handcrafted serving boards are made with walnut. The beautiful, rich grain of the walnut will stand out in any kitchen and is sure to impress any guests!

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Our handcrafted serving boards are made with walnut. The beautiful, rich grain of the walnut will stand out in any kitchen and is sure to impress any guests!

Applied with our signature food-safe wood balm.

Dimensions: 15in L x 9in W

Handcrafted in Trussville, AL


How should I wash my board?
You should hand wash your board with a mild soap and warm water. We advise you avoid dishwashers and never soak it!
Depending on the type of board, the high heat that is put out from a dishwasher will likely warp the board and the whole dishwashing process is a bit aggressive for natural wood.
Soaking the board will likely warp it and could also cause discoloration.
The best practice to washing your board is to wipe or scrub it with a mild soap and warm water. Allow the board to dry thoroughly by propping it up on the counter, setting it on a drying rack, or hanging from a hook.

Why did my board become fuzzy after washing it?
If your board becomes fuzzy after washing it, don’t worry. You can get your board back to a smooth surface by grabbing some very fine sandpaper (220 grit to above) and lightly sanding the surface until the fuzziness is gone.
Our boards are unlikely to become very fuzzy after washing because we finish them to a very smooth condition before leaving our shop.

How often should I refinish my board?
To ensure that you get the best life out of your board, we recommend refinishing your board at least once a month.
We have developed our own board treatment that we call Slagheap Design Wood Balm. We blend it in house and it is made from only natural ingredients and is food-safe.

How do I apply Slagheap Design Wood Balm?
Prior to applying the wood balm, lightly sand the board with a fine sandpaper (220 grit or higher). This is not essential but will keep the surface smoother in the long run.
Start with a clean and dry board, ensuring that all the dust has been removed.
Grab a quality lint-free cloth or a paper towel. Take a small dollop of the wood balm onto the cloth and start rubbing along the grain of your board until the whole area has been covered, you’ll know this once the color has changed consistently.
Allow the balm to sit for a few minutes and then buff dry with a clean cloth or paper towel by rubbing in a circular motion. A slight sheen will start to develop as you go, so you can buff all you want. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.
Once your finished, you can continue using your board as normal!

Please email us at info@slagheapdesign.com with any further questions.

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